Ways in which we do that

FUSE – this is our once a week gathering devoted to your student. We want to teach your students about Loving God and Loving others and how to Connect to God, Others, and God’s Mission. We do this through teaching in 5 primary ways. We Examine Biblically, Grow Spiritually, Decide Personally, Connect Relationally, and Serve Actively. As we walk through different series on Wednesday nights these are the different avenues we hit on a month to month basis. You will always be able to stay up to date on our current series information on the web. We also do this through Small Groups on Sunday Mornings. These are groups broken up by stage of life and gender so that our adult leaders can really be specific on how they connect to your students. Here is a list of our current leaders (for more information about your student’s adult leaders please don’t hesitate to ask


Our student ministry exists to walk alongside you the parent and help you disciple your students.

7th & 8th Guys

7th & 8th Girls

9th & 10th Guyys

9th & 10th Girls

11th & 12th Guys

11th & 12th Girls


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