Our Student Ministry

FUSE @ FBC Jenks is dedicated to seeing students of all backgrounds connect with God, Others, and God’s Mission.
We do this practically by Loving God and Loving Others.


It’s the identity of our Student Ministry. A fuse is a very small thing that leads to an explosion and that is exactly what we want for our students. We want what seems like small actions in their lives in the choices they make, they friends they have, the words they say all to point towards Jesus. Small things in their lives that lead to the Main Thing. Our goal as a church and as a ministry is for students between 7th and 12th grade to both experience encountering Jesus as well as connecting to him as their LORD and Savior. We do this by living out the mission and vision of our church. Connecting People to God, Others, and God’s Mission. In the student ministry this is accomplished through a few things.